Peace Concert: a music meditation


Peace Concert

Every October, we create a unique meditation experience based on Sri Chinmoy’s own concerts.

During his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy gave over 700 peace concerts around the world in such venues as London’s Royal Albert Hall, New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House and the United Nations.

Playing his own haunting spiritual music while in a high meditative consciousness, Sri Chinmoy was able to create an atmosphere of deep inner peace.

This event seeks to recreate that atmosphere.  It combines rare footage taken from Sri Chinmoy’s peace concerts with live choir performances of his songs by his students.

The concert length is approximately 90 minutes.

Audio: Sri Chinmoy plays his favourite instrument, the esraj, during a concert in San Francisco in 1982.

Comments from the audience:

We are very grateful to those who have attended previous Peace Concerts and have shared their experiences:

  • Just wonderful. Voices raised so high.  I meditated and was healed” -Taylor N.
  • “I am so grateful. I am a musician and this experience has invoked the purity of the double prayer, which is music” -Sage S.
  • “The chorus was marvelous” -Nancy
  • “Thank you for this, in this city we all need a little peace” -Vana

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