Workplace Meditation Classes in New York


Discover the benefits of meditation at work!

The Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre is pleased to offer non-denominational meditation classes free of charge to businesses, schools and other organizations and institutions in the New York area.  Please use our contact form to submit a request for one of our instructors to lead a class at your school, place of work or organization.  All teachers are experienced meditation instructors.

Why workplace meditation?

We all know the symptoms of stress and disharmony at work – personality conflicts, tension, tiredness and lower productivity.  Meditation can help turn this negative atmosphere around into a positive and productive workplace  – which also enhances life at home.

A growing number of businesses and organizations have found that employees who practice meditation feel more energy, peace, better health, increased concentration, clarity, and harmony in the workplace.  Everyone can experience the benefits – from top level management to part-time employees.  People who meditate… tend to be happier!


A typical class – what to expect:

  • An explanation of what meditation is
  • Guided relaxation, breathing, concentration, visualization exercises
  • Tips for calming and quieting the mind
  • Advice on when and where to meditate
  • How to establish a daily meditation practice

What is required?

  • A minimum of ten employees
  • A reasonably quiet and private room to conduct the class
  • Seating is typically in chairs.  We recommend that those who wish to sit on the floor kindly bring a cushion or mat of their own
  • At least one hour (preferably) but a minimum of 45 minutes

How do I set up a class?

Please use our contact form or call 212-380-8153 and leave:

  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Name, location and brief description of your organization
  • Possible dates / times for a class
  • Expected number of attendees

We will be in touch with you as soon as we can – usually within 7 days

Requests are fulfilled based on availability of instructors

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