FREE Meditation classes in New York City

Meditation in Queens, New York

QNS 200We offer free meditation classes in Queens, New York throughout the year, and Clases GRATIS de meditación en español en Queens

Our classes in Queens are usually given in Jamaica Estates, however in September of each year as part of Meditation Week NYC we often organize classes in the Astoria / Long Island City area as well.

We also offer meditation classes in other parts of New York City –  including Brooklyn, Manhattan, BronxStaten Island


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The Queens meditation location, named The Oneness-Heart Centre by Sri Chinmoy when he inaugurated it in 2004, was created for the ethnically diverse community in Queens. Introductory meditation classes are offered in English, Oneness-Heart Centre 2.jpgSpanish and Bengali. Advanced meditation courses are also taught for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice. The Centre is easily accessible through public transportation.

Students of Sri Chinmoy, as well as those just beginning to meditate, meet weekly for group meditation, singing and just plain fun at this small and beautiful centre. Once a week sessions where 2 miler.JPGstudents learn to sing and play Sri Chinmoy’s music are a big draw.  Newcomers can also attend meditation events at the nearby beautiful meditation garden, cheer on runners at our local Self-Transcendence races – from the Saturday morning 2-miler, to the annualOneness-Fountain-Heart.jpg 3,100 mile race, and visit our local business enterprises – from vegetarian cafes and restaurants to a clothing boutique, a health food store and a stationery store and more.

All of our meditation classes are sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Meet some of our Queens meditation instructors. All are students of Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy:

Mahatapa.jpgMahatapa Palit, an educator by profession, was born in India.  She teaches marketing and entrepreneurship at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Mahatapa works closely with the Bengali community in Queens, and offers meditation classes in Bengali as well as English.


Meet more of our Queens meditation class instructors