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Our classes and workshops combine simple, effective meditation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world.

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Meditation Week NYC

September 26 – October 2, 2014

7 days  ŸŸ•  11 classes  ŸŸ•  3 languages

Manhattan  ŸŸ•  Queens  ŸŸ•  Brooklyn  •  Staten Island  •  Bronx

All classes are suitable for beginner and experienced meditators, and are FREE of charge.  All classes are given in English, except where noted otherwise.

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Peace Concert

A music and meditation experience, using rare films and live musical performances

Thursday, October 9, 7:00 p.m.

All Soul’s Church

1157 Lexington Ave (@ East 80th St.), Manhattan

Admission FREE

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Meet our meditation class instructors

Our meditation classes are given by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Our members are drawn from many different walks of life who share a common interest in meditation. more »


Sri-Chinmoy-MeditatingSri Chinmoy

All of our classes, concerts and other events are inspired by meditation Master Sri Chinmoy, who devoted his life to making meditation as widely known and practiced as possible. Read more


What do we teach in our classes?

  • Breathing techniques – how to use calming breath to put out the fire of emotions and thoughts.
  • Mantra – how to properly use the repetition of spiritually resonant phrases to calm the mind.
  • Heart meditation – focusing on the heart center, the safest and most effective energy center (chakra).
  • Visualization techniques – guided meditations to invoke a peaceful and expanding inner landscape.


  • Illumining life habits – we are often painfully unaware of our own destructive habits and tendencies that continually bring unrest into our lives. Methods for awareness and transformation of bad habits are shared, as well as secrets for maneuvering through a challenging contemporary lifestyle. Tips are shared for more spiritually grounded and productive living. You’ll learn how to get centered in the city.


Meditation books and CD’s

Meditation book

A definitive guide to meditation

Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction is presented with the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings. This book will take you from the beginning stages of concentration and meditation, to through the advanced practice of contemplation.

261 pages, $12

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Flute-Music-CDSoothing flute music

Flute Music for Meditation: These solo flute compositions were played by Sri Chinmoy during a high state of meditation. Herein lies the love, power, wisdom, peace and freedom that can be discovered by listening to his music. This is the perfect ambient music for meditation.

46min, $10

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