Come visit us at one of our vegetarian restaurants!


One of the best ways to get a feeling for our group and the kind of meditation we offer is to visit us in one of our vegetarian cafes and restaurants. Pretty much all of the staff have been meditating with Sri Chinmoy for many years, and love talking about meditation and spirituality, particularly if you catch them outside the busy times.

Even if you you’re not up for a chat, we’re sure you will love the spiritual atmosphere that we try to create in our restaurants. (Plus the food is, of course, delicious)


  • Annam Brahma  • Indian and Vegetarian food – voted Queens’s best Vegetarian restaurant! • 84-43 164th Street, Jamaica Hills
  • Smile of the Beyond  • New York’s oldest vegetarian breakfast diner; opened in 1972 • 8614 Parsons Blvd. Jamaica Hills
  • Panorama of My Silence-Heart  • Vegetarian Café • 84-73 Parsons Blvd, Jamaica Hills. Note that there are frequently spiritual and cultural events of all kinds taking place here, so it is always worthwhile calling or checking in to find out what’s happening!