The world’s longest road race – powered by meditation!


One thing our meditation group has become quite well known for over the years is our love of sports, particularly endurance events. Our teacher, Sri Chinmoy always felt that practicing both sports (particularly running) and meditation together could reap enormous benefits – and indeed this view has been shared by cultures all over the world for thousands of years.

Recently, documentary maker Sanjay Rawal set out to explore this link between spirituality and ultrarunning. He visited the San tribe in Botswana, the famous running monks of Mount Fuji in Japan, and also spent time with the Navajo in southwest USA. He also returned to his home patch in Queens to spend an entire summer filming the entire 52-day duration of the world’s longest running race – the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race – following two of the runners as they embark on a quest that is both physical and deeply spiritual.

The resulting documentary 3100: Run and Become has been extremely well received by the running community:

  • The running film of the year! Chris McDougall, author of the iconic book Born to Run>
  • “Rawal’s well-shot film is engaging — particularly for those with an interest in running and/or meditation.” Kimber Meyers, Los Angeles Times
  • …meditation in the same way distance running can be – carefully paced with flashes of both beauty and pain.” Outside Magazine (which named the film a top film of 2018)
  • Mind-Blowing. And I dont even like distance running. – Carl Lewis, Nine-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

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