Its true! You can meditate in Manhattan!


“The mind is like Times Square on New Year’s Eve; the heart is like a remote cave in the Himalayas.”

– Sri Chinmoy

When people think of meditation they often visualise a remote cave in the Himalayas as the ideal place to meditate. Life in a hectic city such as Manhattan is so busy and noisy that the atmosphere appears far from conducive to meditation. Yet, it is because our lives can get so busy and pressured that meditation becomes increasingly important. Meditation does not require a retreat from the world, it can be practised in our ordinary everyday lives – no matter where we live. Meditation enables us to detach from the pressures of life and to focus inwardly. The inner peace we gain is most valuable in our day to day activities.

The important thing is our mind. If we have countless thoughts disturbing our mind it doesn’t matter how beautiful our surroundings might be.  But, if we can quieten the mind and enter into our heart then even external distractions will not disturb our meditation. Our classes offer practical advice to discovering this peace within.

Our free meditation classes are ideal for people looking for:

  • Relaxation,
  • Peace of mind
  • Greater concentration
  • Finding more about the inner purpose of life.
  • Learning to live in the heart.
  • Being the person you want to be.

The meditation courses are taught by students of Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy lived in Queens, New York for over 43 years between 1964, and his mahasamadhi in 2007. Sri Chinmoy was born in India where he studied meditation for many years before travelling to the West and teaching meditation to seekers in the US and over 60 countries worldwide.

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Photo by Unmesh Swanson – Central Park, New York.