Meditation Class Instructors


Meet some of our meditation class instructors.  All are students of Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy

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Ashrita Furman

Ashrita lives in New York and has practiced daily meditation for the last 35 years. He has set more than 300 Guinness World Records using the power of meditation to increase his inner strength.

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Harita Davies 150pxHarita Davies

Harita is originally from New Zealand and now lives in the United States. She has been a student of Sri Chinmoy since 1995. In this time she has traveled to many parts of the world, sometimes with Sri Chinmoy and more recently with the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, sharing the simple message that peace begins within each one of us.


pradhan balter Pradhan Balter

Chiropractor, computer consultant, and the owner/manager of a successful restaurant in Chicago, Pradhan’s entertaining and down-to-earth approach to meditation makes the subject easy and accessible. Pradhan has been a student of Sri Chinmoy since 1971.


Ganapati Coleman (small).jpg Dr. Ganapati J. Coleman (Adventures in Consciousness)

Ganapati is currently a principal member of the research staff at Charles Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA. He has been a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years and attributes his own success in life to the “deep spiritual grace and influence of this most remarkable teacher and friend”.


papahaPapaha Gosline (Art & Creativity Workshop)

Papaha has owned an art gallery and design studio in San Diego since 2002. After becoming a student of Sri Chinmoy in 1982 he gained worldwide attention with installations utilizing children’s toys and art materials that focused on the spiritual heart. One of his favorite activities with the Sri Chinmoy Centre is designing and building large scale backdrops for concerts and plays throughout the United States and abroad.


AshirvadAshirvad Zaiantchick

Ashirvad is from Brazil, and practiced meditation for 12 years under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy, and has given free courses on meditation to thousands of people in over 25 countries around the world.


Natabara.jpg Natabara Rollosson

Natabara has studied and meditated with Sri Chinmoy for over 20 years. He consults for the United Nations and recently co-directed and produced Challenging Impossibility, which premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival


Salil Salil Wilson

Born in Australia Salil has lived in New York since 1990. He was first introduced to Sri Chinmoy in Melbourne in 1984, at the age of 19 and shortly after became a student of his. Salil moved to New York in 1990 and has been closely involved in the organization of numerous athletic and cultural events. In 2004 Sri Chinmoy asked Salil to serve as the Executive Director of the Peace Run, a global running relay. He currently serves in this capacity.


Padmasini (Small).jpg Padmasini Guillet

Padmasini is from Montpellier, France and has practiced meditation for 30 years under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy, and has been teaching meditation for the last 27 years.


Kishore Cunningham - 150px Kishore Cunningham

Kishore lives in Melbourne, Australia where he has run the Sri Chinmoy Centre with his wife for over 30 years.  Kishore felt the need from a young age for meditation in his life and through his love of music he came into contact with Sri Chinmoy, who asked him to teach meditation “here, there and everywhere”!


Kailash Kailash Beyer

Kailash has been practicing meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy for 40 years and has taught meditation to thousands of people in more than 200 cities around the world. Kailash was trained in psychology and has managed a successful multinational company for the last 35 years.


Kritartha Brada

Kritartha is from Prague, Czech Republic, has been meditating for 18 years under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy. Kritartha offers talks on meditation and a healthy lifestyle throughout Europe, and manages an Ayurvedic herbal tea company in the Czech Republic.


devashishu Devashishu Torpy

Devashishu is from London, England. He practised meditation for 31 years under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy and has given free courses on meditation to thousands of people worldwide.